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GET YOUR TICKETS NOW FROM PGH IDS/AIESEC Ateneo/EURO UP Diliman/San Beda Graduate School of Business/UP College of Medicine MSSR/UP Manila Student Council. tickets will not be sold at the venue.

The Rock Concert

Rivermaya.Shamrock.Coffeebreak Island.Tropical Depression.Nicole and Carlo.Kjwan.Blue Boy Bites Back.Stonefree.Snakecharmer.Giniling Festival. These are just some of the bands who will make musical history on Saturday, September 5, 7pm at San Miguel by the Bay, Mall of Asia.

rivermaya   Rivermaya

  Coffee Break Island

  Kjwan   Blue Boy Bites Back  nicole and carlo.jpeg


San Miguel by the Bay


88.3 Jam Interview from Magee Clegg on Vimeo.

We Support the Philippine Red Party

Frenzy Condoms

Jack TV


Watch the Philippine Red Party's HIV Awareness Campaign made for MTV

The Philippine Red Party HIV Awareness Commercial from Magee Clegg on Vimeo.

Philippine Red Party on Facebook

The Red Party Rationale

Medical students across Australia have rallied as part of a nation-wide effort to increase awareness of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a devastating spectrum of disease afflicting an estimated 33 million people across the globe.

To raise awareness, Australian medical students have hosted several fundraising and educational events all around the country. Themed with the color red, the international color for HIV and AIDS, the events have affectionately become known as 'Red Parties'.

Two of these Australian medical students, Patrick Aouad and Zabrina Abdool, from the Australian National University visited the Philippines recently. They saw the plight of our fellowmen, especially those seeking consult at the Philippine General Hospital.

They returned to Australia and proposed that the Adult Infectious Disease section of the Philippine General Hospital be the Red Party’s recipient of a CD4 machine, an indispensable diagnostic tool for people living with HIV/AIDS. Fortunately for us, they were granted this request.

Thus the PHILIPPINE RED PARTY came to be.

We are medical specialists, HIV positive patients, and HIV awareness advocates.

The Philippine Red Party Project will hold a benefit rock concert on September 5 2009, simultaneous with Australia’s Red Party.

Funds raised from these events will enable us to acquire an RT-PCR machine for doing HIV viral loads, to complement the CD4 machine from Australia.


Learn more about Australia's Red Party. Click HERE.

Act Now!

The population of persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Philippines can be considered low, compared to our neighboring countries. But our numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. Data from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine report that the typical person living with HIV/AIDS is one who is less than 40 years old.

It is because of this that we want to reach out to our youth, before it’s too late. It is at this stage where they feel invincible and begin to experiment…and with HIV, one can go on living a normal life…until symptoms begin to appear 8-10 years after. We want to spread the word, not the disease. It is time for us to be aware. It is time for us to be responsible.

Our Advocacy

We want to make the issue real for the youth of today. By taking this out of its medical context, the disease would not seem so unnatural to those whose lives we touch on a daily basis, nor will it carry as big a stigma as it does right now.

We want the youth to be aware that this is not something they will never have, or never be familiar with.

We don’t want to meet them ten years from now and treat the complications, when we could have just made them listen when they were young, before they made their mistakes.

The PINK Party - A Pre-RED Fundraising Gig

THANK YOU for making the PINK PARTY a success! Next up...the RED PARTY! special thanks to jigger*bernie*ene*scraderscript*fight monday*action pact*gaijin*the ronnies*louie gancuangco*vj & romelyn of MSSR*UPM's renzo*kerwin and benjo*fulbright scholars rachel, sam, magee, and jordan*YAFA's mighty igor*queenie & vim*johann leonardia*nestle & meg*tony*dr. kit navarro*saguijo bar. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME! Rock on!

The Section of Adult Infectious Diseases is a branch of the Philippine General Hospital's Department of Medicine. HIV and AIDS is only one of its many specialties. Composed of thirteen competent consultants who are leaders in Philippine Health, it is a training ground for future infectious disease specialists in the country. The Philippine Red Project is the brainchild of Dr. Edsel Salvana. The core group of organizers include IDS fellows-in-training Dr. Kate Leyritana, Dr. Dessi Roman, Dr. Eva Roxas, Dr. Ann Penamora, and Dr. Alex Bello.

Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation was initially an informal drug bank founded in 1995 by Dr. Clemente Amante, then the chair of the PGH Department of Medicine. It eventually became a SEC-recognized organization of doctors who give assistance to indigent medical patients at the PGH. It saves lives by providing medications and means for laboratory examinations to patients admitted at the charity medical wards and Intensive Care Units. VISIT Sagip Buhay

Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance is a network of Filipino Youth working on HIV and AIDS in the Philippines and worldwide. YAFA members are committed to STOP AIDS -- to end the sufferings and inequities brought by HIV and AIDS stigma and discrimination. YAFA values and supports the meaningful participation of young Filipinos, including the greater involvement of young people living with HIV, in all levels of HIV and AIDS interventions (prevention, treatment, care and support) in the Philippines and worldwide. VISIT YAFA

Rock Ed's main objective is to find alternative ways to make the young Filipino more interested in socio-civic realities, critical thinking, and having relevant knowledge about the complex issues du jour via music, the arts, poetry, sports, photography, fashion, graphic design, literature, new approaches to science, film, cultural studies, theatre, dance, and any other way except being in a classroom--the convenors of Rock Ed decided to Rock Society through Education and educate the youth through rock culture. It is an alternative class where the substitute teachers are celebrities, musicians, poets, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, et al. Aside from being the frontrunners of alternative education, Rock ed is also a group of private citizens that coordinate joint projects with other NGOs that are addressing any of the 8 Millennium Development Goals-- one of which is to combat HIV and AIDS. VISIT Rock ed

Positivism is a movement of people of different genders, sexualities, ages, walks of life and HIV-statuses, united by the intense desire to ignite change. Thus, we work side by side to create and maintain a spokesmedium for HIV in the Philippines. is about information. We believe that ignorance breeds guilt, fear and prejudice. Our advocacy aims to offer Filipinos – at home and all over the world – a deeper, more sensitive understanding of HIV/AIDS, through the dissemination of credible, easy-to-grasp facts. It’s about tolerance and respect. When talking about matters of the heart and spirit, we refer to a universal love that transcends sexuality and we speak of a God that goes beyond all philosophies and religions. It’s about perspective. We don’t take HIV lightly but we want to approach it with a lightness of spirit. Being HIV-positive is not the end of everything. Being HIV-negative is not reason to be ignorant or apathetic. We wish to offer comfort and guidance as well as increase awareness and breed open-mindedness, so we can shed all negativity and embrace positivism. Read the latest issue of POSITIVISM

AIESEC's network as of June 2009 includes 35,000 students in 107 countries and territories. It is present in over 1700 universities across the globe, and sends students on 5500 international exchanges yearly. AIESEC identifies itself as the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.It annually offers 7,700 leadership positions and delivers over 470 conferences to its membership of over 35,000 students AIESEC also runs an international exchange program that enables over 5550 students and recent graduates the opportunity to live and intern in another country.It is one of the world's largest student-run organizations in the world. AIESEC strives for “positive social change” by using the “AIESEC Way”. The AIESEC Way is described as a way of reaching “Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential.” Learn more about AIESEC

MSSR stands for Medical Students for Social Responsibility is a non-partisan organization of Filipino medical students dedicated to service, advocacy, education and research. A member of the Asian Medical Students¢ Association-Philippines (AMSA-Phil), AMSA-International and the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), MSSR aims to heighten the social consciousness and to promote peace, health and sustainable development. MSSR is also a member of the Nobel Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW).

Be Part of our Advocacy.

Funds generated from all these activities will go to the procurement of the Viral Load Machine, to service the HIV and AIDS patients of the Philippine General Hospital.

We are in search of people and companies from the private sector who share our advocacy, or are willing to be first-time supporters of this worthwhile endeavor.

We welcome your suggestions, questions, feedbacks. Let us know how you can help! Click HERE. or EMAIL to

Yes, I Want to Help.

Donations may be made online via Sagip Buhay's PAYPAL Account. Click on THIS LINK.

Checks may be made payable to Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation, Inc. "RED PARTY"

please specify "RED PARTY" for your donations, as Sagip Buhay has other fundraising endeavors.

Account Numbers (Metrobank UN Avenue Branch):
Peso         #044-304466181-1 (SA)
Dollar         #044-204401415-1 (SA)

Checks may be dropped off personally at the Section of Adult Infectious Diseases,2nd floor ER Complex, Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Manila.

Sagip Medical Foundation Inc., is SEC-registered, PNC-accredited, DSWD-registered. Donations are qualified for tax exemption. Application for tax exemption is available upon request.